Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Rick Carlisle is apparently real good at teaching things like spacing and ball movement and footwork and all the other shit they taught us at ol' St. Joe's basketball camp, usually while I was scratching my ass and staring at the ceiling waiting for the three point drills to start (because your boy has mad range!).
I digress.
Lawrence Legend has a lot of small forwards at his disposal and perhaps he will trade one of them. That's up to him. Right now, he's got Jamonit Tinsley at floor general, Reggie at 2, Paxil Artest at the swing, Jermaine at 4, and Stone Temple Pollard at the center. That and Kenny Anderson coming off the bench and paying child support to Spinderella will get them 2nd place in the Central. To reach their full potential, Al Harrington will have to avoid blowing out his knee, and Jon Bender (holy shit isn't that Judd Nelson's name in Breakfast Club?) will have to be on some, take it to the next level shit. Step Up Your Hoop Game, Dunny! Austin Croshere wants some clock!

My man my 'Melo, get on the mic cuz you don't eat jello. Denver just might have a squad that lives up to the legacy of Alex English, Doug Moe, and Olden Polynice (IS THERE A PROBLEM, OFFICER?). Nene and Nikki (aww) went back to their homelands and got all beasted out eating bowls of steel all summer, Jon Barry is in the building with the hopes that the thin air halts his balding , and Dre Miller and Carm may just have this squad flirting with the playoffs. If Marcus Camby can avoid spontaneously exploding, and Rodney White can hit a jumper hither and yon it may very well be on and popping in Colo.


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