Monday, November 03, 2003

"Sometimes they all go in, sometimes none of them go in. I don't care if you're Shaquille O'Neal or Larry Bird -- a lot of the time, it's luck."

That's a Duke education talking.
Yes, Mike Dunleavy Jr. carried the white man's burden into the Wachovia Center in scenic South Philadelphia this weekend, and dropped 32 (thirtyfuckingtwo) points. With backcourt mates Calbert Cheaney (no this isn't science fiction, I said Calbert Cheaney), and Speedy Claxton (CALBERT CHEANEY), and the imposing front court presence of Erick Dampier, the Warriors served up a gourmet shit sandwhich for the Sixers. On night's like this, Iverson must want to slam his face into a parking meter, thinking about the fact that he just signed the rest of his career over to Comcast.


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