Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I've always had a special cubby-hole in my heart for Jalen Rose. He always struck me as the Inspectah Deck of the Fab Five, that dude who would sit back and, how should I say, watch you play yourself.
Sadly, most of those who have played themselves under his haunting gaze have been...his teammates. (See: Webber, Chris, NCAA Finals, Time Out).
I digress. This isn't about past trespasses, but rather the future.
I once thought that Jalen was going to be an All-Star. But alas, he was caught out there in the land of sensitive thuggery that is the Chicago Bulls.
So, it gives me some joy to see Jalen tapping the bottle and twisting the cap off a Molson, leading the Raptors on a early winter hot streak.
A minor amount of joy. It's tempered by the fact that Metal Face Vince Carter's momz is still in his business, and I still don't feel Air Canada's game. I guess that boils down to the fact that Half Man Half Posterboy For Post-Adolescent Orthodontics once tried to stand in the way of the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers and their destiny. Their be the team that would lose to the Lakers.
Anyway...Jalen and Donyell Marshall and Lonny Baxter have brought heat to the frozen tundra of Toronto. Under the watchful eye of Tara Reid (no kidding) and a Cleveland crowd slowly coming to the realization that they are still in Cleveland, Jalen grabbed his 2,500th board (take a bow, God!), and dropped 20 to sink Ira Newble & Jason Kapono's squad.
Kevin O'Neil (the whodat? coach of the Jurassic T-Dots) says: "We're really not running plays yet. These guys are just going out and winning."
Nice work if you can get it.
Can Milt Live!?


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