Monday, March 22, 2004


In far more heart-warming news, it seems that the Miami Heat are having a Miami Heat renaissance. "We go to the movies together...all of us...what we have here is very rare'' said once struggling now thugging sophomore forward Caron Butler. One can only imgaine the deliberations taking place on line to the box office in sunny Miami...

Caron Butler: So, friends. What should we peep?

Brian Grant: While I usually appreciate some intellectual stimulation with my movie-going experience, I'm feeling a bit worn down by this year's playoff race. Perhaps we should see something along the lines of Cody Banks: Destination London

Rafer Alston: That kid thinks he cute. With them toys. For real, I'm just trying to get into some multiple-box Goober snacking. So you guys decide. But don't let that Chickenhead behind the counter tell me that I can get a extra large value meal jawn for a quarter more. I know the value of a quarter, Bitches. I was in the NBDL. Holler.

Caron Butler: I feel you on that end, Brian. But there must be something slightly more engaging then Frankie Muniz's latest installment of post-adolescent espionage shennangians!

Brian Grant: True.

Pat Riley: What is the story, Brohannon's!? Me and the God, Udonis Haslem are about to fuck around with the Passion...OF THE CHRIST. Ever since I quit coaching you midnight tokers, its been nothing but massages with happy endings. I figured it was time to remember what jail was really like, ya heard!?
Udonis: Word. Pain.
Rafer Alston: Whatever fucking whatever. Just let me jump on some Mike 'n Ikes.
Caron Butler: Why don't we see Secret Window and call it a compromise.
Udonis: Word. Because in the playoffs, we gonna be throwin' squads out Secret Windows. Babies. Bathwater. Whatever. Out the fucking window, kid.
Caron: What we have is rare.


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