Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Jesus H. Ginobili. You know you're watching some triffling ass basketball when you're counting the minutes to the ESPN halftime show. Straight up: The Indiana/Boston series has been like wathcing old people eat; full of Boston's broken plays, rushed bricks and time shattering isolation plays.

I was kind of glad to see Jermaine O'Neal and Branon Hunter get mixed up in some shoving and shiving in game one. Because if the shit is going to be visual Unisom, at least spice it up with some hatred! There's nothing more boring then a seven game series full of sportsmanship.

After getting a proverbial smack in the mouth in game one, Boston's starting backcourt of Chucky Atkins and Paul Pierce issued similar statements of intent. Taking a play out of the Rumsfeld book, Pierce announced, "We've just got to make this series into a war and, you know, see what happens.'' Ah, yes. The old, see what happens approach to war. That always works, PX2.

Chucky seconded Paul's battle cry, declaring, "all-out war," on the Pacers. Hear that Ricky Davis? It's the mahfucking clarion call to battle. Cry havoc, bitches! With Ron Artest serving a one game suspension for briefly running onto the court during Hunter and O'Neal's fight (Don't tell his P.O.!), Boston had an excellent opportunity to even up the series at one, going back home.

Alas, the Pacers responded to this challenge by going on an 18-1 run over the course of two quarters. "They kicked our ass. That's what happened," said Kentucky, alum, Walt McCarty. Enjoying a post-game brandy, General Atkins offered up, "It is a surprise to me we are this soft." He continued, "We've got to win. If we don't win that game, we might as well not even play Game 4." Oh, Chuck. You tease.


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