Wednesday, May 19, 2004


There'll be manslaughter right in front of the kids. Family values run Mobb Deep in Indiana. After ending the Heat's cinderella playoff run, down in Miami, the Pacers sat back and regarded the crushed dreams of the Heat hopefull. Particularly sensitive was Pacers forward, Al Harrington...

''That's the type of team we are. We like to ruin stuff for people.''

Guess what, Al. All them folks at the American Airlines arena? THEY STILL LIVE IN FUCKING MIAMI. SO THEY ARE GOOD. Have fun back in the tall corn, Gangster.

Harrington continued: The girl in The Crying Game is a dude. Holler.

Despite the victory, the Pacers copped some bumps and bruises. All world power forward, Jermaine O'Neal caught an eye jammy:

According to the Indy Star:

O'Neal was poked in his left eye by Butler's finger on the play, and received treatment on the Pacers' bench. His eye was still watering afterward.

O'Neal pondered his seeds in his time of temporary blindness:

"I'll take this home and show my daughter. It's the reason I don't want her playing basketball."

Cross that off your list of ambitions, baby.

In other Pacers news...

Scott Pollard still gets no clock, as Coach Rick Carlisle continues to play Time Bandit, stealing all his P.T. Pollard lamented to the Miami Sun-Sentinell:

"I'm a guy, I like being on a winner as opposed to being a star on a loser. ... I'd like to contribute more, obviously."

After taking a pull on the peace pipe, Scott became even more reflective:

Scott: It's okay here, Bro. It's pretty cool. Most of the guys have been chilled out, on a chilled vibe. Ron gets a little...intense sometimes. I was once playing my CD of The Pearl's Ten, you know? And, Ron, I don't think he really digs McCready's leads, or something. Because he whipped this thing kinda looked like a matress spring or something and it had been straightened out...and it was Really sharp.

I just kept thinking of this thing the Vedder once sang: "Life comes...i can feel your heart through your some...i can steal your heart from your neck." Gnarly.


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